About us :

Qualified driving instructor and Member of Australian Drivers Association of Victoria. Our professional driving lessons are in modern and comfortable vehicles with an ANCAP safety rating of AAAAA. Our vehicles are fitted with dual controls for maximum safety. You choose to learn in a manual or automatic vehicle. We provide flexible lessons times. We instruct during rain, hail or shine, early morning to evening 7 days a week. We are also available for night driving. We provide lessons for parents/supervisors so you can supervise your Learner safely.

Lessons are available in the Ballarat and District, or other areas by arrangement. We teach safe driving skills, how to control your vehicle and awareness of hazards and risks. We have sound knowledge of current road laws and are familiar with the Vic Roads drive test assessment criteria and standards. This will help you pass your test. We recognize that every Learner is different and has unique needs to learn how to drive safely.

Some of what you will learn with us:

        • Operation of controls
        • Start up and shut down procedures
        • Leave and return to the kerb
        • Intersections and roundabouts
        • Signs, road markings and traffic lights
        • Changing lanes, merging and zip merging
        • 3 point turns
        • Reversing
        • Parallel, angle and reverse parking
        • Gap selection
        • Speed choice
        • Following distances and crash avoidance space
        • Identifying and responding to risks
        • Visual scanning and recognizing potential hazards
        • Distractions
        • Sharing the road safely